The Horseless Rider- Part Two

PC: Carlos Flores I have no idea why I fell head over heels in love with horses but my mom always said the second I saw one I was obsessed.  I think my parents were hoping it was a phase because they knew it how hard it would be to afford it. I did not … Continue reading The Horseless Rider- Part Two


The Horseless Rider – Part One

There's a stigma in the equestrian community that I have been feeling for some time, as if Horseless riders are 'less’ of an equestrian than those that own horses. That it makes me lower on the totem pole, less important to educate, less worthy of attention or effort to include. The lack of a horse … Continue reading The Horseless Rider – Part One

Sensibilities with Madison DeCook

I first met Madison through our shared lease of a bay Thoroughbred gelding named Fortune.  We bonded over the quirks and needs of this special horse, and out of the experience we developed a great friendship. Madison is an amazing trainer, and every lesson I learn more about the biomechanics of my body and I … Continue reading Sensibilities with Madison DeCook


What is real? In this world of pixels and snaps and tweets and the ceaseless noise from like, like, like, share, comment, double-tap, text, how do we manage to make meaningful connections across the multitude of platforms available to us for instant connection? How do we sort out those who have truthful intentions from those … Continue reading Real