Show Your Stripes

An uncommon brand for the uncommon soul.-Herd of Zebras I love helping people, and I love it when companies make it their goal to help others as well. I had been seeing good things about Herd of Zebras on Instagram. They make cute and comfy apparel and accessories with the equestrian in mind, sporting a … Continue reading Show Your Stripes


The Horseless Rider- Part Two

PC: Carlos Flores I have no idea why I fell head over heels in love with horses but my mom always said the second I saw one I was obsessed.  I think my parents were hoping it was a phase because they knew it how hard it would be to afford it. I did not … Continue reading The Horseless Rider- Part Two

Sensibilities with Madison DeCook

I first met Madison through our shared lease of a bay Thoroughbred gelding named Fortune.  We bonded over the quirks and needs of this special horse, and out of the experience we developed a great friendship. Madison is an amazing trainer, and every lesson I learn more about the biomechanics of my body and I … Continue reading Sensibilities with Madison DeCook